R&D Pipeline

We have an exciting pipeline of new products coming to market soon, including specialized NLP engines for still and video/moving images and for financial markets. These solutions utilize ICONTEK’s next-generation statistical NLP technology to deliver breakthrough results for broad marketplace use cases, identifying patterns and understanding best next-step actions to take.

PIXEL – For still and video/moving images

ICONTEK PIXEL analyzes both still and video images and finds the most granular data to identify patterns and their associated meanings. One use case is for driverless cars, where gestures and facial expressions can be used to determine, for example, when to turn the heat on or the music off.

PIXEL bots learn when and why to do things, driven by patterns identified from sometimes very subtle visual cues.

Financial-focused NLP engines

While our first commercial NLP engine products (TENNIS) are designed for call center environments, we will soon release an NLP engine designed for financial markets. Today most top financial firms do most of their trading with rules-based bots.

ICONTEK offers the opportunity to improve performance with self-learning bots that identify and respond to marketplace patterns, with responses ranging from placing an options order, emailing an offer to a customer, to notifying an analyst that an interesting pattern has occurred.