Next Generation Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

It has been a goal of NLP for decades to replace human call center agents with bots that understand what a user wants and respond appropriately. For traditional NLP, the dream has been to write a ruleset so comprehensive that bots always know what answer to give.

Understanding is the hard part of NLP & important

Answers are limited, making them easy, and questions are not – 500 questions can be asked in a million ways – and rules-based bots don’t really understand what users want, preventing them from becoming useful tools.

ICONTEK technology doesn’t play by the rules

ICONTEK’s bots identify patterns in natural language and gestures, voice or text in their original form – without translation. ICONTEK bots identify the most granular features, find patterns, and then revise and improve the data

Pattern-based learning instead of rules-based learning

When ICONTEK bots learn by observing agents and end users, it’s comparable to the way children learn their first language at home: with direct allocation of meaning to any given stimulus.

Making human interaction with machines as intuitive as possible

ICONTEK’s automated conversational interfaces enable brilliant user experiences. With its next-generation statistics-based natural language processing (NLP) engines.

ICONTEK’s breakthrough NLP technology and solid backing has set the company on the path to become the favored NLP engine for commercial applications.