Tennis Text

A new generation of customers are demanding chat as their channel, and operators need to meet these customer expectations, or risk becoming obsolete.

Our chatbots outperform humans & deliver big impact

Powered by our self-learning NLP and hybrid operating model, TENNIS TEXT delivers:

  • A breakthrough user experience
  • Extraordinary accuracy levels
  • No risk of poor performance

TENNIS TEXT provides unparalleled operational control, freedom and flexibility. You aren’t married to us for rules-based consulting, and you can evolve the solution and improve on your own.

A preferred customer experience

TENNIS TEXT offers an experience that users choose over speaking with an agent because it’s easier and delivers more value. For example, if a customer asks how to do something, the bot can give a link to a web page that provides step-by-step instructions, or present a video that clearly answers the question or a worksheet with the customer’s data.