Tennis Voice

There’s a new NLP in town – ICONTEK TENNIS VOICE – and it’s ready to power business-critical call center operations.

Finally Delivering On The Promise of NLP

Powered by our self-learning bots and hybrid operating model, TENNIS VOICE delivers results far beyond frustrating IVR systems and voice-command AI systems. It delivers extraordinary accuracy levels and breakthrough operational control with no rulesets to write, no dictionaries to buy, no consultants to hire.

Evolve the Solution and Improve on Your Own

ICONTEK replaces ineffective single swoop automation with a hybrid – human plus machine – operating model that occurs in three low-risk stages, allowing operators to train the engine in real-world environments without risking any poor user experiences.
• Bots are trained on the job by observing real interactions
• Breakthrough accuracy in real environments – not just demos
• Operators improve at their own pace without consultants