Business Services

Many partners and customers turn to our team of experts for assistance in consumer journey design (creating Dialogue Decision Trees), learning strategy and operations strategy.

Consumer Journey Design

Our experts work with you to determine: What type of user experience you want to create; what the architecture looks like from a decision tree point of view; and what the available nodes are and the interplay between them. Our consumer journey design services help you design what responses are available and how your DDT is navigated.

Automation Planning

We help you determine what you want to teach your bot and how to go about it in the most efficient sequence. For example: “We want to fully automate 90% of the service calls for our mortgage portfolio in two years.” Our professionals evaluate how it’s currently done

Operations Strategy

Our professionals facilitate combining the human aspects of our NLP solutions with the IT side by helping define the roles that are needed and their requirements. Within the context of call centers, we assist in re-training agents to be silent agents,

Let’s talk about your needs

We’d like to invite you to talk with us about your needs and what you could accomplish with next-generation, statistical, self-learning NLP technology.Morbi eget maximus odio.